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About This Blog
Welcome to my bloggship
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Bloggstarr - My Brootal Blogging script.

Welcome to my personal blog. Here you can find all the latest news and updates for Bloggstarr plus some other random stuff which i might post.

What is Bloggstarr?

Bloggstarr is a free 'to be' open source content management system written in php mysql. Easy to install and easy to use with a variety of different skins and add ons like Articles, Web links, Downloads Gallery and a web based admin control panel with many features so you can easily update from any computer in the world.

Bloggstarr can be used to handle your personal web site or blog also can be used as a vehicle to promote your product or work. Bloggstarr can be used for anything you require.

Why did you make Bloggstarr?

I started making skin designs for blogs using a system called PHP Nuke but i became tired of the restriction and the whole PHP nuke thing so one day i decided to write my own system how i wanted it and this became Bloggstarr.

I know nowadays everybody has the facebooks and myspaces and everything else but to me this is a sad day for the face of the internet. Back in the 80's blogs were so much more fun and had so much more personality than now.

If you spend much time on facebook then why not give yourself a bit more of a unique net presents. Drawing people to your blog from social networking web sites and generating traffic can be quite rewarding if channelled in the right direction.

Bloggstarr Updates?

I will be continuing to update and create new designs and add ons for Bloggstarr and releasing them here as this will be an ongoing project.
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Artwork and Bloggstarr engine created by Moffstarr 2009
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